VERSATILE - Macfruit harvesting machines are one of the most advanced work systems in fruit harvesting and orchard management for modern farms.

USES - Macfruit machines are well suited to different types of fruit collected in bins or directly in crates as well as to the most varied ground conditions. Macfruit harvesting machines were developed in response to the need to mechanize fruit harvesting. Over time and thanks to the experience in the field, they have become work centres for the installation of anti-hail nets and winter pruning.

QUALITY - The quality controls of the components used and the rigorous testing, which all Macfruit harvesting machines undergo at the end of the assembly process, ensure over time a reliable machine with low operating costs.

COMFORT / PERFORMANCE - Performance is guaranteed by a rich standard equipment and a wide range of optional accessories, which enable to customize the machine according to the end customer’s needs. Work on board of a Macfruit harvesting machine is made more comfortable thanks to the generous dimensions of the platforms, to the quiet and powerful diesel engines of new generation and, for the most demanding, to the use of electric motors with low power consumption.

SEAFETY - One of the priorities for Macfruit is the safety of the operators on board; for this reason the constant cooperation between our technical department and certification bodies ensures that Macfruit harvesting machines are adapted to the latest developments in safety legislation.



The platform can be lifted in total safety by means of two cylinders, equipped with blocking valves, which act on the pantograph arms. In compliance with European standards on safety, when the platform is raised, the machine can only advance in first gear (working speed). Furthermore, there are four anti-crush sensors placed under the platform, all around its perimeter.

Tilting machine

In compliance with the current European standards, your harvesting machine can also be produced in the tilting version to compensate for uneven terrain in hilly orchards. This machine can reduce both longitudinal (thanks to the platform inclination) and lateral unevenness (through hydraulic cylinders on the sides of the chassis).

Conveyor chains

Macfruit harvesters are equipped with rollers and chains to transfer fruit containers on the machine with minimum effort and to eliminate possible jolts.

Rear lift

1 Storage forks 2 Forks for unloading bins


The standard tyres are 10.0/75-15.3. To improve the weight distribution on a larger ground surface, you can request wide tyres type 31x15.5-15.

Automatic steering sensor

The machine can be controlled by an automatic steering system which helps the operator driving the machine and harvesting.

Various steering systems

he different steering systems offer maximum manoeuvrability: the front axle is equipped with power-assisted steering whereas the rear axle is controlled independently with automatic return of the rear wheels to their initial position (version with 4 steering wheels).


Working platforms are adjustable in height and width by means of electro-hydraulic controls, no gap between platforms.


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